How Can You Donate?

We are currently awaiting processing of our Federal 501.c.3 Tax Exemption. Through your support we are able to make a difference within our communities. If you are interested in donating or sponsoring an event please click the "CONTACT" link above and fill out the Contact Form, or call us at 717.561.2001.

Our Mission

Blessed&Appreciative strives to identify local charities most in need of assistance and directly help those less fortunate through fundraising and community outreach.

How Donations Nurture Communities

Since B&A targets local charities within our communities, donations will bolster and strengthen our communities from within.

YMCA league fees, memberships and scholarships are provided to youth who cannot normally afford these activities. All seeds require water and sunlight to grow. B&A looks to provide "water" that will aid aspiring young "seeds" to flourish into a positive individual by realizing the sun shines bright even in their darkest of days.